Railway Gamblers

Shadow Of The Moon (January 9, 2016)

1. Shadow In My Soul

2. Last One Around

3. World On Fire

4. Over And Over

5. Time Catches Up With You

6. Gimme A Wheel (Roll Me Back)

7. Keep You Calm

8. Out In The Streets

9. A Waltz (In The Shadow Of The Moon)



Brendan Folliard (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica)

Matt Fricks (Electric Guitars, 12-String Guitar, Effects)

Joe Sexton (Bass)

Sean Wilmsen (Drums)


Recorded November 2015 at Kingsize Sound Labs (Chicago, IL) by Mike Hagler.

Mixed and mastered by Mike Hagler.

Additional sampling and backing vocals by Mike Hagler.


All songs written by Brendan Folliard. Music on "World on Fire" by Matt Fricks. Music on "Gimme a Wheel" by Brendan Folliard, Matt Fricks, and Sean Wilmsen.